Privacy-friendly CLI telemetry in <5 minutes.

We have great telemetry for web apps. What about CLIs?

Inform feature development by knowing how people are using your CLI without sacrificing user trust.
CLI metrics dashboard

Set up in minutes

Drop in and start tracking every invocation - zero config required.

Respect user privacy

Easy opt-out with Console Do Not Track and user data is fully anonymized.

Open-source data collection

Our client SDKs are 100% open-source and always will be.


We support Node.js today with Python, Go, and Bash coming soon.

Without Console Cat

  • * Roll your own CLI telemetry solution with opt-out, retries, dashboards, etc. on your own.
  • * Hack around Amplitude, Mixpanel, etc. to ingest data from your custom CLI telemetry solution.
  • * Spend many engineering hours before anything works.
sad cat

With Console Cat

  1. Install Console Cat's SDK.
    yarn add @console-cat/sdk
  2. Copy-and-paste our generated snippet into your CLI.
    cliId: "your-cli-123",
    version: "1.0.0",
  3. View your CLI's metrics!
typing cat


Great for open-source projects


  • * Unlimited public dashboards
per month
Great for data-driven teams with external and internal CLIs


  • * Unlimited private dashboards
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Great for companies with large-scale CLI telemetry needs


  • * Host on-premise
  • * API access to telemetry data